Female anubis x male reader

Thank you everyone so much! Oh and I thought I said this in the last chapter but whatever. There is a lot of lore on certain gods and there will be a mixture of different ideas. Some might be left out and some might stay the same. I'm not going to introduce every god in the first few chapters. Also, this chapter will reveal the Underworld and it might not be the correct depiction of it because of my lack of resources for the correct information. If anyone actually has some info on the tests of the underworld and such, please do not hesitate to tell me especially if there is a book or article.

Also, I would like to apologize for the length of this chapter. The next one would be so much longer! So with that out of the way, here's the official first chapter of Eyes of the Jackal! Here she stood; the flames from the torches dancing against her naked skin. Her eyes fluttered from the tall columns of gold that sprouted from the sandstone floors and disappeared into the misty black abyss above.

She knew where she was when she awoke. Fortunately, she was not afraid, even though she was not prepared. What conquered her fear was the burning desire to face the gods that have placed misfortune in her life.

She wanted to know why. Why was she cursed? So that's why she stood in this great hall. There was no doubt that she would not be allowed passage to paradise but she was ready. Her soul was cursed in life and it shall be in the afterlife. However, she faced the tests. She crossed the Lake of Fire and was not burned.Here we are with the first story. I always like the monster girls so i'm gonna start with that with a middle age background.

If i get good reviews for the work but not the story, i'll jump to another one. If i get both good reviews of the work and the story, i'll go with more chapters. If i get none, a just born dream will die here :'. For this chapter, i'll go with a monster girls ''Ogre'', for image reference, i tough about using the one in the Monster girls encyclopedia.

I do not own any of those monster girls, it's belong to kenko cross. Some of my description may differ from this site and this reason is that i only use the image as reference cause they're cute. Enough talking and let's go with my very first writting. Hope you will like it.

The life of a peasant is never easy. You work all day in your field with little rest, give most of your harvest to the lord and the remaining for yourself, wich was not very much. However, it's was a bit different for our little farmer, Adam, who was set on a particular hard zone.

female anubis x male reader

Adam was 22 years old and living in a plain pretty far from their kingdoms castle, maybe the farthest farmer of this land. He was even closer to a small mountain chain behind the house.

The house itself was pretty much old, small and tatty. Next to it, was a big field with lots of stuff; wheat, cabbage, carrot, etc. But this years, nothing goes well. The woman was his mother, Emma, she was 66 year old, poor, weak and on the top, starting to get sick. With almost nothing in the field, this gonna be worst. Adam was the only family child and his dad decide to be an adventurer after showing Adam how a farm work to get some money to the house.

Sadly, he was told 2 years ago that his dad was killed by a unknown creature. He was now living alone with his fragile mom and taking care of her. Adam then go outside to take some fresh air and think about their condition.

He sit in the front of his house for some hours and nothing come in mind. Just when he was about to give up, he heard two travelers passing by.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. It's interesting enough having a boyfriend who is technically from another, alternate universe. It's even more interesting when that boyfriend happens to be a white-haired, lyrium-marked, broody elf.

He may be somewhat obsessed to video games partially your faultand convinced that the cell phone is the work of blood magic to some degree. But the most interesting and hilarious thing of all? Little kids are convinced he's one of Santa's helper elves. Maybe the pointy ears might have something to do with that?

Our favorite redhead thinks he's cooked up the perfect scheme to unlock Sebastian's black heart, and he very well means to drag you down with him. Sometimes it's hard to tell what is reality and what isn't. But whatever you were in, reality or not, you never wanted to leave. Well all of that changed when you met someone in the most unexpected ways. In this fic you're a guy, who happens to be in a relationship with Masky or Timmy when no one else is around.

Since you're a proxy for Slenderman you're always around Masky and you love to tease him. Also you're like to wear skirts, high heels, and stockings for no real reason other than it makes you happy.

Masky and you are out on a walk, it's late out and you two are wandering through town for a mini date thing, then somehow alley makeout happens and you find yourself in a hotel with your boyfriend. Okay so these are random crappy request fics about the reader Talon Ranger and the various Dino Charge rangers.

If you want the past rangers can join it too! Sorry for the horrible horrible fics. You're just a dude failing high school math. But at the teacher's suggestion you ask Sollux Captor for help. Reader Fluff I think it's literally just fluff like there's no plot the title's not even indicative of anything i just couldn't come up with anything.

The Reader does stupid things to save the stupid people they consider their stupid family.I decided to do a one-shot, because I decided to and I can. I guess I was just a little curious on how Toothless would handle mating season when he was ready.

Toyed by 2 yandere naga's [male x female] [Roleplay] [ASMR] [help me] [Feat. Johnystatic]

This is contains a lemon. This is not recommended if you are a young reader! If this does not interest you, then go back to your previous page but anyone else is welcomed to read it. Disclaimer: I do not own How to train your dragon or Toothles or Stormfly. I do own my oc.

It's mating season. Toothless's first year, to be exact. He's feeling all these emotions stirring inside of him. This isn't a surprise to him, he knows that this year he needs a mate. The problem is picking her. He needs to choose and attract a female. Something he's never bothered to do before. However, the scent of female dragons are driving him insane.

It never bothered him before, but now it's the only thing he can smell. The season has made his agression level increase and he's been avoiding humans at all costs. Even Hiccup. He knows it's for the best. Better safe than sorry. He took a deep breathe and walked around the village. Toothless knew he could fly, thanks to the tail Hiccup made him. He couldn't destroy this one, if he did, the chances of getting a mate would be low. What are you doing? He walked infront of her while brushing scales and nuzzling her.

I see you haven't found a mate yet either" he said staring at her and licking his lips. He stook a step closer to her. I don't want to have hatchlings with you" Stormfly said.

Toothless chuckled. They're too much work. Besides, male Night Fury's can choose weather we want the females to have eggs or not. I'm just looking for someone who can handle me" he replied slyly continuing to stare at her. Not just that, it's your first time! Toothless rolled his eyes. I don't want to be your mate. Fir-" she began. Toothless had enough of talking to her. If she wasn't complying, then he was just wasting his time.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Born in the 90s, university student, short and with lots of human friends: Persephone really has a terrible divine curriculum.

Mortals don't worship her, Gods don't invite her to their mundane events, and all in all it would be fine for her. Or at least this is what she thinks.

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Everything changes when at a conference she meets Hades, God of the dead. His too is a heavy baggage: three hundred thousand years of age, seven feet tall, at least twenty titles on his name. But he's also the only one understaning Persephone's passion for law subjects, as well as the only one who seems uncomfortable among the other deities as much as her.

How couldn't they get along? They find themselves intertwining their destinies and working together to issue a controversial judgement, collaborating in a trial of souls in the court of the Underworld.

And so, halfway between irony and seriousness, fairness and rigor, life and death, this is the semi modern reinterpretation of a myth that has never stopped being told.

Long after his pantheon was on the height of their power, Anubis reflects on what the new times mean for them. Perhaps Thoth, who even has made scientific researches about this topic, knows answers that calm him? Ra is the Pharaoh of Egypt Osiris and Isis live the life of luxury and bliss with their son Horus Nephthys is married to Set and life continues.

What could possibly go wrong? A question often asked until Nephthys' desire for a child outweighs her loyalty to Set and decisions are made that break families apart.

Emma is a half-goddess and part of an old prophecy. Unprepared, she and four other half-gods have to lead all of them into a war. But for her powers, the black fire, she needs to pay a high price and might destroy not just herself, but also her new friends.

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Female Pokemon X Male Reader Lemon

Here's what you're missing out on! Sign Up. A text message with your code has been sent to:.

female anubis x male reader

Didn't receive the code? Don't have your phone? Please contact support. Sign in to add this to a playlist. All Professional Homemade. Duration minutes. All HD.Okay so this is why hardly any story has been updated I've been working on it for a while and I hope you all enjoy.

Anubis and Horus were exact and total opposites Anubis liked reading Horus liked fighting, Anubis was quiet and kept to himself Horus was loud and rambunctious, Anubis was perfectly contempt with it raining for all of eternity Horus would die of frustration, but above all Anubis was the God of funerals and spent most of his time in his room within his room in the underworld Horus was always in the palace of the Gods and flying around somewhere. Oh and one other thing was they absolutely hated each other, they weren't shy at showing it either well let's start back shall we.

Horus hated Anubis or so Anubis thought anyway and Anubis acted annoyed by Horus majority of the time but truthfully he didn't mind Horus' presence all that much.

But Horus didn't know that like Anubis didn't know that Horus didn't hate him and neither one was planning on admitting this anytime soon.

In fact they were in the middle of an argument right now, Horus had stopped by to see his father Osiris and Anubis told him that the god of the underworld was not in and so Horus decided to hang around pick on Anubis. Anubis sighed as he sat down the book in his hand the silver and gold eyed war God had asked him to a sparring match a decade ago and he did say he's consider it but he knew he would never do it.

Anubis scowled at Horus, "I am not out of practice how would you know you are not here all of the time to know a thing. Horus got up and walked fading into the shadows. Anubis slouched back on the couch and fell all the way back, why does he do that to me…why am I so weak…why do I love him those thought remained circling around his head like golden falcons.

Anubis had been in love with Horus for centuries now he couldn't help but too stare at him sometimes with lust and want, and the feast of the Gods was terrible because he usually is forced to sit with Horus and that means having to sit there and want yearn for what shall never be his…and when Horus gets so close its hard for him not to just collapse in his arms and beg him to take him right then and there.

It wasn't that he thought Horus didn't like guys he knew for a fact that most if not all Gods were bisexual and Horus had gone a few rounds with quite a few different men, including once with the Greek God of war Ares. Anubis was no saint either, though he hadn't had as many relationships or one nighters as Horus.

He had his fair share, one including the Greek God of love Eros and they both had stayed with each other a full millennia but they were just too far a part to stay together. It had been about three hours of Anubis sulking and he had thirty minutes to get ready so he decided to put on the clothes he'd wear to the feast:.

He teased his hair a bit before putting on his crown and turning transporting himself to the palace court yard, he looked slightly to his left to see Ra and Set both in each other's arms, he shook his head and rolled his eyes only they were that flamboyant about their sexuality.

He then felt a sharp pang of jealousy, why can't I be like that with Horus but he shook his head deciding he needed a clear head so he could still act like Horus was the most annoying God in the world. As he walked in the door he gracefully walked down the corridor he reached the golden doors that opened the minute he walked in front of them, he immediately found Horus wearing this hz Horus pointed to the seat that was vacant next to him and Anubis sat down o the edge of the seat as far away from Horus as possible given that he couldn't help but to think the God looked sexy, as always.

Set was the last to arrive before Ra the God of the Gods all the other Gods present rose and bowed before him Set had a smirk on his face as he sat next to the God at the head of the table. It was shrimp Alfredo soaked in white wine with spinach palate, clam chowder, and bread and red wine.

female anubis x male reader

Anubis just looked wide eyed as Horus continued, "Gods I want him to take, I know I would have been wrong if I betted I know what you saw and I know what you thought…why can't that be us…do you deny this? Anubis' jaw clenched and his eyes stung but he didn't cry, he couldn't not here, not right now, "how did you hear my thoughts? Anubis' breath hitched as he felt Horus' hand on his thigh, "no I wanted you to admit to wanting me before I we discuss this after desert.

He saw a look of confusion flicker on to Anubis' beautiful features as they ate in silence. Anubis ate slowly even as people began to leave not so surprisingly Set and Ra were the first out of the room.

Anubis ate even slower as time went on until he went for a spoon full to see there was no more and that he'd been in his own little world for so long he didn't notice he and Horus were the last ones left. Horus waved his hand and he and Anubis landed in Horus' room more specifically Horus' bed. Anubis was going to get up so he didn't have to be so close to the other God but he lost his opportunity as Horus slammed him into the bed placing himself on top.

Anubis was shocked but could still feel tears streaming down his face as he wrapped his arms around Horus, "please… don't let me go…" the funeral God whispered. Horus pulled away slightly to look Anubis in the eyes, "now that I have you I'm not letting you go. Anubis leaned in with Horus until their lips met…passions were exploding as they let their tongues enter in each other's mouths and graze by each other's.

Anubis ran a hand under Horus' robes and gasped as Horus pushed the m both back on to the bed and unlatched Anubis' dark robe and opened it to reveal his whole body down to his tight white underwear. Anubis pushed himself up and kissed Horus again as he played with the latches of the Gods shirt. Horus smiled on Anubis' lips as he shrugged off his shirt and rubbed Anubis' erection form outside his underwear.

Anubis moaned and bucked his hips up trying to increase the pressure. Horus didn't respond he just flipped them other, placing Anubis on top and in his lap, pressing their lips together he stroked Anubis so gently that it was the most erotic touch he had ever felt and it sen him over the edge.

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